Adroc thurston
Adroc Thurston
Voiced by:
Biological Information

Mid 30s



Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Personal Information

Axel Thurston (father)
Blau Thurston (wife; deceased)
Diane Thurston (daughter)
Renton Thurston (son)
Eureka Thurston (daughter-in-law)
Ao Thurston (grandson)
Amber Thurston (granddaughter; deceased)
Maurice (Adopted grandson)
Maeter (Adopted granddaughter)
Linck (Adopted grandson)

Adroc Thurston is a popular scientist who was said to be a hero. He is the son of Axel Thurston and the father of Renton Thurston and Diane Thurston.


Adroc is known to be a kind and gentle individual, described by Eureka during her time with him before his disappearance. He is very involved in science and his research on the Scub Coral, so much so that it is said to have affected his relationship with his family, particularly with his father, Axel. Even Renton spent most of his life angry at his father for supposedly caring more about his research than his own family.

Despite all this, it was found that Adroc always loved his family and was willing to risk his life in order to keep his son and daughter safe from harm. He was also known to have been persistent, especially when he concluded that the Scub Coral was a sentient being and set out to prove it after his findings were rejected even if it cost him his life.


Adroc has dark brown hair and blue eyes like Renton. He was average in height and bore a mustache.


Adroc is the son of Axel Thurston and went on to join the United Federation as a technician/scientist. During a trip to Controrado, he met his future wife, Blau, and after getting married, they moved to his hometown, Bellforest. They had two children together, Diane and Renton. Blau died while giving birth to Renton, leaving him to care for his children with his father's help. More than fourteen years before the main story takes place, Adroc become actively involved in researching biological data from the Scub Coral, during which time he hypothesizes that the Scub Coral is an intelligent life form, leading him to create the Ageha Plan, which details this theory. Through his journey to find a method to communicate with the Scub Coral, he discovered Eureka and the Nirvash TypeZERO's archetype within a Scub Coral. Discovering that Eureka was a humanoid Coralian sent to observe the humans by the Scub Coral, Adroc taught her how to walk, talk, think, and pilot the Nirvash. He also took on the role of a surrogate father due to her literally having no memories and emotions. Eventually his research led him to believe that, if he could link up with Eureka, he could unleash the power of Nirvash. However, during this experiment, he unintentionally caused The First Summer of Love by using the Amita Drive, an item he supposedly created that releases the Nirvash's true power: the Seven Swell Phenomenon. However, due to that he was not Eureka's true partner, the experiment failed and the chaos would have caused the destruction of the planet. He manages to stop it by removing the Compac Drive and Amita Drive in return for trading his life, which leaves no trace of him behind. His last words to Eureka were that he was doing it because he wanted to protect his children. After this, Adroc is declared dead and branded a hero for his actions.

Despite being declared as a hero, many questioned the legitimacy of his heroic actions, due to that several civil wars were ignited in the aftermath of the Summer of Love. Many also grew suspicious of him due to him trying to pressure the Federation Sage Council to attempt to communicate with the Scub Coral for a peaceful alliance between the Coralians and humans. The Sage Council, considering the Coralians to be dangerous, orders their destruction - an effort lead by Dewey Novak. Adroc strongly opposed this, and after his disappearance, his supporters, such as (Holland and the Gekkostate), set out to protect the Coralians and are hence put in a war against the U.F.

In episode 47, Renton discovers that Adroc is alive and that his consciousness was transferred to the Scub Command Center when he disappeared. He and Diane, who had somehow ended up at the Command Cluster as well, teach Renton and Eureka about the history of Earth, and what consequences will happen if the Command Cluster was destroyed. After father and son are reunited, Renton held his father's hand and expressed his forgiveness for his father without making any mention of his prior feelings towards him. After Eureka is saved from becoming the new Command Cluster in the final episode, the Nirvash states that Adroc and the other humans who fused with the Scub Coral will go to the universe beyond the rift in the Great Wall. From this information it can be assumed that this is Adroc's home until the Scubs decide to move again.


  • In the manga, Adroc was Holland and Dewey's mentor and taught them facts about the trapar, Coralians, and the planet. Like his anime counterpart, he created the Ageha Plan, but his conclusion was that the Coralians intended to eliminate the humans, and sought to help the two species reach a resolution. Dewey was so opposed to this suggestion that he murdered Adroc.
  • Although Renton was about 4-years-old when Adroc disappeared, he has no memories of his father from his childhood. This may be due to Adroc spending all of his time away from his family for his research. In the final chapter of the manga, however, there is a flashback of Adroc with his father, son, and daughter before his death, showing that, although Renton doesn't remember him, Adroc was part of his family's lives.
  • Ironically, Adroc was the first person to attempt to partner with Eureka, but Eureka never chose him and later chose his son, Renton. while she describes them of having identical personalities, it was Renton, not Adroc, who made her learn how to smile and laugh.
  • Adroc had no voice actor in the anime series. This is due to the producers not being able to agree on who would provide the best voice for Adroc, so they left him mute.

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