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Anemone (アネモネ) is a soldier of the United Federation, as well as an artificial Humanoid Coralian.


Anemone is the pilot of the Nirvash typeTheEND. Anemone is regularly accompanied by her strange and overweight pet badger, Gulliver. Dewey Novak assigns Dominic Sorel to be her caretaker, so that he can monitor her condition as his plans develop.

Anemone was biologically modified in some way to make her more like a Coralian (this is why her eyes look similar to Eureka's), and conditioned to pilot TheEND. Anemone was the only case that ever survived the medical treatments that the doctors put her through, but was damaged both mentally and physically. As a result of these grueling experimentations, she regularly suffers from painful headaches, nose bleeds, and emotional instability, most of which can be temporarily treated with a drug injected into a receptor in her neck.

However, even after everything she has experienced, Anemone seems to be fine with what Dewey's men have made her become. It is unclear whether she is ignorant that Dewey made her that way, or simply knows and doesn't care. She seemingly responds to Dewey with affection and respect, though later in the series it is shown that Anemone actually loathes Dewey when she is seen throwing a strand of his hair from her shoulder with disgust, hinting that her earlier displays of admiration were attempts to remain useful in his eyes so he wouldn't throw her away and possibly have her killed.

In her drugged state, Anemone is almost unbeatable in the skies with TheEND. Renton and Eureka initially have trouble fighting with her even with the Nirvash typeZERO, but do much better after it is upgraded. Thanks in part to her more advanced LFO, Anemone can outfly most regular LFOs. Even Holland in his Terminus typeR909 LFO wasn't able to stand against her for very long.

When not under the effects of the neurological stimulant drugs, Anemone is often moody, prone to violent tantrums, and fearful at times when told to carry out a mission with TheEND. At such times, Dominic injects stimulants into her neck, which calms her mind and brings out her more focused, blood-lusting personality. After her multiple failures due to the Gekkostate, she begins to feel depressed as she realizes her own value is gone. In episode 42, in her attempt to follow Renton and Eureka into the Zone, she has a small flashback of her happy life with her parents before she became an experiment subject.

Dominic eventually falls in love with Anemone, but she doesn't return his feelings until very late in the series. Anemone begins to reciprocate Dominic's feelings after he is sent to retrieve her replacement by Dewey. These feelings culminate when she is sent on a suicide mission (unbeknownst to her, but she seems somewhat aware of the fact) to enter the Scub realm and electronically tag the Scub Coral Command Cluster with a transmitter, allowing Oratorio number eight (part of an orbiting weapons system) to target and destroy it.

During her battle with Renton and Eureka, having been nearby at the time, they try to convince her that Dominic will understand her feelings. She believes that it's basically pointless now, and prepares to fire TheEND's "Vascud Crisis", but the sudden arrival of Dominic and Gulliver, who had taken a transport shuttle to enter the Scub realm and chase Anemone, changes her mind. Dominic then clings to a ref board, his shuttle having been destroyed through repeated impacts during the trip. In spite of Anemone's sudden change of heart, TheEND fires, the Nirvash having moved out of its path by this point, and the subsequent shock wave knocks Dominic unconscious. In an emotional cry to save Dominic, TheEND's frame changes from a black armor to silver and moves on its own to help Anemone save Dominic, tossing her to him during the attempt. It is while in free-fall that they both kiss. In the aftermath of "Second Summer of Love", Dominic and Anemone can be seen camping out at the starry night, looking at the moon that has a heart with Renton and Eureka's names carved into it.

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