I was born not too long ago on August 20,1997 I was given a very special gift to see beyond boundreys, I am Astrid the Tawny OWL. Me and Beast Boy (Terrence) meet at the fountain on prom night and danced together. I danced with Draco Malfoy that night and I was Luna Lovegood. I was Mirri that night and was slow dancing with him . Tom Riddle was his real name and I was Ginny Weasly and I was actually pretty happy until I fell into the punch bowl that name. Puck and was Cleopatra and you saved me. You were Bling Bling Casper the friendly gost and Susan Strong. Starfire and Mich were together again. I was tall and lanky and we fell in love. And my real hideaway was here all along. I was Flame Princess and you were Kipper the Dog. And you were Aang and was Azula the last mimsy. We broke the merlin circle and you were Tenzen my Father and Sister. I was dubbed the acomplise of (Gunther) Polarbear.  ===


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