Azmodeus Novak

Azmodeus Novak was the husband of Cicily Kane, and the father of Holland Novak and Dewey Novak.


Azmodeus meets Cicily when she moves to his hometown. He manages to win her love and the two are soon married. Their first child Dewey is set to be a son and heir to the title of Sacrificial King.

Seven years later, Cicily gives birth to Holland, but dies due to complications. Azmodeus takes this as a sign that Holland is the Sacrificial King, causing him to favor his younger child rather than blame him for his mother's death. This blatant preference frustrates Dewey, creating a rift of hatred between the two brothers as well as between father and son.

Rather than following the ceremonial Novak patricide ritual to "calm the planet," Dewey kills his father in cold blood. The planet rejects this breach of succession and both Dewey and Holland are stripped of their station and inheritance.

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