Blau Thurston
Voiced by:
Biological Information

Unknown, likely early 30s (deceased)



Physical description


Personal Information

Adroc (husband)
Diane (daughter)
Renton (son)
Yucatan (brother)
Eureka (daughter-in-law)
Ao (grandson)
Amber (granddaughter)
Maurice (adopted grandson)
Maeter (adopted granddaughter)
Linck (adopted grandson)
Axel (father-in-law)

Blau Thurston was the wife of Adroc Thurston and the mother of Diane and Renton Thurston. She was also the sister of Yucatan Iglasias.

Not much was revealed about her, other than she died many years ago. In her youth, she grew up in Controrado, where she met and fell in love with Adroc. They married soon afterwards, moved to his hometown, Bellforest, and gave birth to their first child, Diane. About twelve years later, they had Renton. It is revealed in the manga that she died giving birth to Renton due to childbirth complications. The family register in the anime lists her date of death as February 28, 11990, which is the same date of Renton's birth.

In addition to being Adroc's wife and Diane and Renton's mother, she was the mother-in-law of Eureka, the grandmother of Ao and Amber Thurston, and the adopted grandmother of Maurice, Maeter, and Linck.

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