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Eureka Seven Novel Volume 1: Blue MondayEdit

Renton Thurston is a 14-year-old boy who is tired of his boring life in his hometown of Bellforest and spends his time lifting, as extreme form of aerial hoverboarding. One day, a large mecha known as the Nirvash TypeZERO, the oldest and most powerful LFO ever, crash lands in his grandfather's garage and the pilot is revealed to be a beautiful young girl named Eureka. Renton falls in love with her at first sight and learns that she is not only a member of the Gekkostate, an anti-military rebel force that Renton idolizes, but she is friends with its' leader, Holland Novak, whom Renton wishes to be like. Filled with determination to help Eureka and the Gekkostate, he uses the Amita Drive to awaken Nirvash and is promptly invited to join as Nirvash's co-pilot. However, as the days on the Gekko pass by, Renton starts to realize that the Gekkostate is not as carefree and glamorous as he thought. The crew is on a personal mission to stop the Federation army, led by Dewey Novak, from destroying the planet. He also finds out that Eureka and Holland had previously been part of the SOF in the army and took part in the massacre of a Vodarac city, and Eureka took in a baby girl named Maeter, who was left orphaned in the massacre. As he begins to learn these secrets, Dewey orders Lieutenant Dominic Sorel to be the caregiver of Anemone, the pilot of the Nirvash theEND,

Eureka Seven Novel Volume 2: Unknown PleasuresEdit

Being the pilot of a deadly LFO that rivals the skills of the TypeZERO, Anemone is set up to fight against Eureka and Nirvash. The transition on the Gekko starts to turn hostile; Eureka becomes withdrawn and jealous due to Renton piloting Nirvash in a style unlike hers and Holland becomes enraged at the idea of Renton getting more attention from Eureka. As a result of this, Holland becomes first verbally and then physically abusive towards Renton, accusing him taking Eureka's place as Nirvash's pilot, although Talho knows that he is simply jealous of Renton possibly becoming Eureka's partner in saving the world. Although bothered by this, Renton refuses to give up on helping Eureka and tries to prove his devotion to her by flying Nirvash with her and fixing it, but she reacts less grateful and voices her disapproval, leading them to drift apart. It is revealed that Norb, a Voradrac priest, had told Holland of a prophecy that Eureka would have a partner that would help save the world but would be the only one to make her smile, making him determined to become her partner at any cost. Having had enough of the mistreatment, Renton decides to leave the Gekkostate after a mission, but he is caught by Anemone and forced to spend time with her.

Eureka Seven Novel 3: New World OrderEdit

A depressed Eureka, wanting things to go back to the way the way they were before she met Renton, releases the Amita Drive and is nearly absorbed by the Scub Coral. Renton, having been released by Anemone and sensing that something is wrong, finds Eureka encased in scub and rescues her. Then, he finds out that Eureka is not human but a Coralian, created by the Scub Coral to observe the humans. Holland takes a mission to heal her, but requires help from Renton and the rest of the crew, despite him wanting nothing to do with Renton. He is ambushed by the military but is rescued by Renton, allowing him to fully recognize his skills as an LFO pilot and status as member of the Gekkostate. After Eureka is healed, she and Renton are able to reconnect, confess their feelings to each other, and enter into a romantic relationship. Seeing as they are the key to allowing the humans and Coralians to reconcile, a photo of them lifting togather is posted n the front cover of the new issue of ray=out to spread word of the relationship. However, they are forced to deal with numerous confrontations with Anemone and the military. Dominic is falling in love with Anemone, but she appears uninterested and is more interested in following Dewey and defeating Eureka and Nirvash.

Eureka Seven Novel 4: Here To StayEdit

The Gekkostate gears up for their final battle against the Federation army. In the meantime, the crew starts to develop familial relationships with one another. Eureka learns more about love and relationships from Talho, and Renton learns that Holland was once in a relationship with his sister, Diane, before her disappearance. However, it discovered that Hap has betrayed the crew by revealing their plans and whereabouts to the military. During the final battle, Eureka is killed when Dewey's weapon, the Ontario, strikes the planet and sends abnormal waves of trapar. Renton is devastated by this loss, but his promise to fight for her sake prevents him from giving up and he continues to pilot the Nirvash against the military. It turns out that Eureka, in spirit, remains by Renton's side and aides him in flying Nirvash and fighting against Anemone. Dewey is confronted by Holland and is killed before he can follow through with the last step of his plan. With their mission over, Eureka disappears but not before she and Renton profess their love for each other and his vow to meet with her again someday. Over the next two years, the crew has moved on with their lives, such as Holland and Talho getting married and expecting a child. Renton has returned to Bellforest and is raising Maeter, referring to her as his and Eureka's daughter. As he looks at his Compac Drive, he thinks he sees her but then turns to see nothing, making him think he felt her presence.

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