Ciudades del Cielo was a Vodarac city in the anime and manga series Eureka Seven. It was the Vodarac's largest city besides the Vodarac capital and where the darkest moments in the lives of the Gekkostate occurred three years prior to the main story taking place. It's literal translation is The Cities of the Sky in Spanish.

When Holland Novak and Eureka were in the military and had just been transferred to the Special Operations Force under Dewey Novak's command, they were ordered to completely destroyed the city's entire population (men, women, and children) to stifle their beliefs and under the presumption that the residents were terrorists for allegedly protecting the Coralians. They were also told to invade it in order to capture Master Norb. Once Holland learned the truth about Dewey from Norb, the city was left in complete ruins and majority of the city's population had been killed. It is also where Eureka found Maurice, Maeter, and Linck and rescued them after having killed their real families. It has been and continues to be the place that holds the darkest memories in Holland and Eureka throughout the series. The Gekkostate later visits Ciudades del Cielo after dropping off Tiptory. Holland's relationship with Renton begins to turn abusive here, due to past memories of Ciudades del Cielo, and jealously towards Renton and his relationship with Eureka.


  • Norb - Former resident, disappeared.
  • Tiptory - Moved after being rescued by the Gekkostate.
  • Maurice - Adopted son of Eureka and Renton. Former resident after adoption.
  • Maeter - Adopted daughter of Eureka and Renton. Former resident after adoption.
  • Linck - Adopted son of Eureka and Renton. Former resident after adoption.

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