Eureka Seven: Gravity Boys and Lifting Girl is a manga based on both of the Eureka Seven games, New Wave and New Vision. This manga is a prequel to Eureka Seven, and is only 2 volumes long. Many characters from the games make appearances, such as: Sumner Sturgeon, Ruri, Gillian, Steven and Hookie. There are even cameos of Holland Novak and Charles Beams from the original series.

Volume 1Edit

Es v01 cover

Volume 1 introduces readers to the main characters Sumner, a young man from an affluent family destined for the military whether he wants it or not, and Ruri a poor girl living on the streets who's a skilled lifter and masquarades as a boy named B.B. to enter Lifting competitions. Intially isolated in the beginning, Sumner quickly becomes close friends with Sind and Lotte, two classmates he originally thought were just using him. Other characters include, Gillian, Steven, Edie, Shaun and Pez.

Volume 2Edit

After a two year time skip, the time for graduation at the boarding school is drawing near. Sumner has grown more determined on what he wants in life but has also given up on lifting, while Ruri is beginning to accept being a girl.

Es v02 cover

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