Eureka Seven: The Day After is a short special that was revealed in the series' second Pachinko slot game in early 2012, shortly after the airing of Eureka Seven: AO began.


The Day After is a 2-minute segment that consists of a collection of images that show the aftermath of episode 50. The images cover events of the main characters in the year 12006, a year after the final episode.


  • Image 1: April 13, 12006

Hap and Stoner seem to be on a tour, or are traveling.

  • Image 2: April 14, 12006

Anemone, Dominic, and Captain Jurgens' crew posing with the ship Izumo behind them.

  • Image 3: April 16, 12006

Holland and Talho saying goodbye to Matthieu and Hilda.

  • Image 4: April 22, 12006

Mishca and Dr. Bear, who are showing off her wedding ring on her left ring finger, implying they have remarried.

  • Image 5: April 27, 12006

Ken-Goh, Moondoggie, Gidget, Jobs, and Woz posing with the Gekko behind them and holding a sign that says "Gekko Shipping Company."

  • Image 6: May 12, 12006

Maurice, Maeter, and Linck arriving at the Thurston residence and being picked up by Axel.

  • Image 7: July 12, 12006

Holland and Talho operating their own ref shop business from their travel car.

  • Image 8: Unknown date

Screenshot from the movie, Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows, of Renton and Eureka as children, playing in the snow.


In image 6, the date of the picture showed that the children arrived at the Thurston house in May of 12006, when in episode 50, the family record book revealed that they were adopted by Renton on April 6, 12006. Holland may have kept his promise to take care of the children until Renton and Eureka returned for them, and helped the couple with the adoption prior to leaving them with Axel.

The purpose of image 8 is questionable, due to the fact that the film is not related to the series.

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