Below is a list of songs from Eureka Seven: AO's two original soundtracks.

Original Soundtrack 1Edit

Release Date: June 27th, 2012

Artists: Koji Nakamura and Kensuke Ushio 

Disc 1 Tracklist

Cover of OST 1

  1. Astral Ocean
  2. IFO-RA272 Nirvash spec-M1
  3. Team Pied Piper
  4. Welcome Home
  5. IFO-RA272 Nirvash spec-M2
  6. Girls Be Ambitious
  7. IFO-RA164 Alleluia
  8. Noah Noah
  9. Got Butterflies
  10. In Faith
  11. Shimatonchu
  12. Behind the Mask
  13. Pied Piper Pipes
  14. IFO-RA301 Kyrie
  15. Sparkplug Revolutionary
  16. Too Young To...
  17. Tinsagu Nu Hana
  18. Asadoya Yunta
  19. Thatness and Thereness
  20. OP Signal REAL
  21. OP Signal ALERT
  22. Ulterior Aim
  23. Generation Bleu
  24. Broken Wing
  25. Slipping Away w-U
  26. Contortionist
  27. In Flames
  28. Shiver
  29. OP Signal LIVE
  30. Anma Maman

Original Soundtrack 2Edit

Release Date: November 28th, 2012

Artists: Toshiyuki Mori, Takashi Numazawa, Mitsuru Nasuno, Kensuke Ushio, Ryota Nishi, Yuji Katsui, Hisako Tabuchi, Yuichiro Goto Strings, Chieko Kinbara Strings, Kimio Yamane, Masaaki Kawamura, Kimie Shigematsu, Osama Fukui, Masanori Hirohara, Shinsuke Torizuka, Chiaki Omigawa, LAMA

Disc 1 Tracklist

Cover of OST 2

  1. SECRET I - Emergence
  2. OP Signal "Ambient"
  3. Ulterior Aim - Surface
  4. Ex-Hero
  5. Inside the Bleu
  6. Johansson Book
  8. C.E.O. and The Captain
  9. Birth of a Yunta
  10. Day in the Life
  11. Sisters of the System
  12. Petit Feud
  13. Mirror Mirror
  14. Static Energy
  15. SECRET II - Expansion
  16. Ulterior Aim - Submerge
  17. Responsibility
  19. SCUB CORAL I - Exterior
  20. SCUB CORAL II - Interior
  21. Shiver II
  22. SECRET III - Exposure
  23. SECRET IV - Adaptation
  24. Visions of a Yunta
  25. Psalms of a New Age
  28. The Awakening
  29. Apocalypse or A New Beginning
  30. Paralell Sign (Short Version)
  31. Seven Swell - Based on "Niji" (Short Version)
  32. Untitled


  •  In OST 2, the song "Seven Swell" is very similar to Eureka Seven's song "Rainbow" . The word "Niji" translates to "Rainbow". They both play in the last episode of both series near the last half of the episode.

eBook Edit

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