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Below is a list and data about Eureka Seven Original Soundtracks.

Original Soundtrack 1 Edit

Disk 1 Tracklist Edit

Eureka seveN Original Soundtrack 1

Eureka seveN Original Soundtrack 1

  1. Days (Eureka Opening Mix)
  2. Storywriter
  3. Long Journey
  4. Nostalgia
  5. A Distant Memory
  6. Cruel World
  7. Truth
  8. Eureka
  9. The Bonds Called "Blood"
  10. Tiger Track (by KAGAMI)
  11. Acid Track Prototype (by RYUKYUDISKO)
  12. On the Hill
  13. Terror of the Smile
  14. Okamochi & Jersey
  15. Sexy Lady Bluesy
  16. Forbidden Fruit
  17. Hobo Plays Guitar
  18. Portents
  19. The Building Leap
  20. Aerial Combat
  21. The Gekko
  22. Renton Thurston
  23. Nirvash Type Zero
  24. The Place You Live
  25. Just Inside the Universe
  26. Sky of Hope
  27. Secret Base (Eureka Ending Mix)

Disc 2 Tracklist Edit

  1. Boys' Heart (Eureka Opening Mix)
  2. Alone in the Wilderness
  3. The Wind Blowing Across the Shore
  4. Sorrow
  5. Ostentatious
  6. Scub Coral
  7. The Misunderstanding Resolved
  8. Uneasy Rhythm
  9. Defying Fate
  10. There is Warmth in Hoplessness, but…
  11. At the Upper Boundary
  12. The Ego's Accidental Firing
  13. Type The End
  14. Get It By Your Hands
  15. Trance Ruined
  16. No Matter Where on this Planet You Are, We are Linked Under this Sky
  17. In the Sea of Memory
  18. Fly Away (Eureka Ending Mix)

Original Soundtrack 2 Edit

Disc 1 Tracklist Edit

Eureka seveN Original Soundtrack 2

Eureka seveN Original Soundtrack 2

  1. Canvas -eureka ending mix- (by COOLON)
  2. Tip Taps Tip -eureka ending mix- (by HALCALI)
  3. To The Center Of The Sun -eureka opening mix- (by Bivattchee)
  4. Sakura -eureka opening mix- (by NIRGILIS)
  5. A Fleeting Dream
  6. The Promised Land
  7. Diane
  8. Memory Warehouse
  9. Time-lines (by audio active)
  10. Sea of Prayers
  11. Original Sin
  12. Coralian Apperance
  13. Purgatory’s Fruit
  14. Dewey Novak
  15. To Make A Pathetic Decision
  16. Final Wish
  17. Sprinting Spirits
  18. Ninety Three (by Takkyu Ishino)
  19. I’ve Got It -eureka New School Acid Mix- (by Ko Kimura)
  20. Second Summer Of Love
  21. To Wish Upon A Star
  22. Rainbow (by Denki Groove)

Disc 2 Tracklist Edit

  1. White Tiger No.24 (by Kagami)
  2. Draft Any Funk (by Newdeal)
  3. L.F.O. (by Taichi Master)
  4. Koitsu (by Riow Arai)
  5. Chaotic Waltz (by Susumu Yokota)
  6. D.j. Choice (by Fumiya Tanaka)
  7. Dot (by Riow Arai)
  8. Control (by Riow Arai)
  9. M3 (Bonus Track)
  10. M15 (Bonus Track)
  11. M16 (Bonus Track)
  12. M20 (Bonus Track)
  13. M30 (Bonus Track)
  14. M36 (Bonus Track)
  15. M-ex1 (Bonus Track)
  16. M-ex2 (Bonus Track)

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