List of family trees in Eureka Seven and Eureka Seven: AO.

= indicates marriage

| indicates children

Thurston Family TreeEdit

  • Axel married Rose and had a son, Adroc.
  • Adroc married Blau and had two children, daughter Diane and son Renton.
  • Renton married Eureka and had two children, son Ao and daughter Amber. They also adopted sons Maurice and Linck and daughter Maeter. In total, they have five children.

Axel = Rose

  Adroc = Blau
     |     |
   Diane   Renton = Eureka
                |        |        |      |     |
              Maurice  Maeter   Linck    Ao   Amber

Novak Family TreeEdit

  • Amzodeus married Cicily and had sons Dewey and Holland.
  • Holland married Talho and had an unnamed son or daughter.

Amzodeus = Cicily

     |     |
   Dewey  Holland = Talho

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