Gekko Night is an Eureka Seven group of fans that DJ and VJ in Japanese nightclubs. Their show focuses on the music and animation of Eureka Seven. The first perfomance was February 11, 2007 at Club Acid (I believe in Tokyo.).

Their home page on the Web is located at:

According to the history section of their Web page, the shows were titled as episodes following the Eureka Seven TV series. The first show was Episode 52: Dancing In The Moonlight (I assume they started with 52 after the famed Episode 51 that was created by fans after the series ended and performed at an anime festival in Japan.).

The group also appears to have connections to the artists of Eureka Seven as Nirgilis is going to be a featured guest at upcoming events. Nirgilis is the group who played the opening theme song "Sakura" for Eureka Seven in the final episodes of the show. Eureka Seven's Chief Director Tomoki Kyoda will also be on the floor with Gekko Night for one of their performances.

Gekkonight and T_Kyoda had a Twitter interview. The log can be found here:

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