Gènèration Bleu (ゲネラシオン・ブル社 Generashion Buru-sha) is a company that claims to be a volunteer on Scub Coral studies. Their main function is to deal with Secrets (G-monsters) and to retrieve an object in the Scub Coral known as quartz. Generation Bleu refers to both the orginizaton and it's headquarters.

Their headquarters is located on a mountain in Switzerland, where an employee residence area is jointly erected. Generation Bleu's largest shareholder is Big Blue World, an American PR firm, who funds over 50% of Generation Bleu's operations. Going against the wishes of Big Blue World, hiding the quartz that was taken from the Scub Corals in space and used to form the Quartz Gun results in the US Government pressuring Big Blue World to cut off their funding to Generation Bleu. This eventually results in the HQ being destroyed by the Allied Forces and the CEO, Christophe Blanc, losing his life in the process. Christophe Blanc's daughter, Fleur Blanc, takes over as CEO of Generation Bleu.

It is revealed in Episode 11 that the Generation Bleu Headquarters is built on top of the remnants of a past civilization, the details of which are yet unknown, yet it's existance is kept secret from all except the top of Generation Bleu's command chain, and was deemed to be more important to protect than all else when Truth attacked the Headquarters.

The IFO Zero "Kanon", a remnant from the scub bursts that hit Soviet Russia in the 20th century, was stored at the very bottom of the HQ, was taken by Truth once the HQ was destroyed. The Nirvash typeTheEND, in it's white/silver form, also makes an appearance at the bottom of Generation Bleu's headquarters in episode 20, but it's currently unknown as to how and why it was there.


Team Pied Piper (Flying.Platform) TritonEdit

(チーム・パイドパイパー Chīmu Paido Paipā)

Team Pied Piper is the protagonistic team of the series.

Team Goldilocks (Flying.platform) MedonEdit

(チーム・ゴルディロックス Chīmu Gorudirokkusu)

Formerly headed by Bruno Hans until his death, Team Goldilocks is a team Ao bumps into shortly after arriving in the Gènèration Bleu headquarters. Team Goldilocks is erased from the timeline once Ao fires the Quartz Gun near Norway. Maeve and Chloe now live with their parents in their bakery, while Maggie is now an IFO pilot for the Allied Forces.

Team HarlequinEdit

(チーム・ハーレクイン Chīmu Hārekuin)

Team Harlequin is based in space on the space station Poseidon. Harlequin is meant to be Team Pied Piper's backup after Goldilocks is removed from the timeline by the Quartz Gun.

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