First Appearance

Episode 2

Voiced by:

Hidenobu Kiuchi
Kazuhiko Inoue (the Secret influencing Georg)


Tyson Rinehart

Biological Information
Physical description

Apparently male voiced

Personal Information

Georg (ゲオルグ Georugu) is an AI based operating system seen in Eureka Seven: AO.


Georg is portrayed as an all-purpose operating system, with form factors ranging from cellphones to motherships. As an on-board OS of a ship, it is able to relay important information on external objects in a timely and human-like manner.

Georg is treated casually by the rest of the team, and frequently informs the IFO pilots of various amounts of information, sometimes things that Ivica does not wish them to hear, and is usually interrupted or virtually injured in a comical way by Rebecka or Ivica.

During the events of War Head (Humanoid Secret), Georg was seemingly hacked by a Secret, and from that point on, it would sometimes behave similar to the Secret. When Georg is under the influence of the secret, his outline changes and his voice deepens. Sometime later, Rebecka learns of the hack and ordered a re-installation of an earlier version of Georg. The hacked version of Georg was not completely wiped from the system altogether, with a copy of it remaining on Ao's phone. This version was re-uploaded to the system so the Triton could be launched from Gen Bleu's HQ.

Near the end of the series, Georg's original self is completely taken over by the Secret's influence and no longer acts or talks like he did at the beginning.


As an operating system, Georg is very knowledgeable, but sometimes it may go overboard in spitting out information, annoying many people.

After being infected by the Secret, Georg is less prone to doing his normal annoyances, becoming more serious and using the knowledge of the Secrets under some situations.


Georg appears as a simple round face with a top hat and a large nose on the monitors. While under the influence of the Secret, his outline becomes blurry and his voice deepens.

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