Logo as appears on the destroyed Medon


Left to right: Chloe McCaffrey, Maggie Kwan, Maeve McCaffrey.

In the anime series Eureka Seven: AO, team Goldilocks (チーム・ゴルディロックス Chīmu Gorudirokkusu) is an IFO team that works under Generation Bleu.

Unlike Team Pied Piper, their IFO's are of identical color and design.


Team Goldilocks' chief was Bruno Hans, who was replaced by Stanley after he died.

IFO pilotsEdit


After the Quartz Gun firingEdit

Ao unintentionally destroyed the Norway Scub Coral with the Quartz Gun, which removed it from both the past and present and thus made it so that Goldilocks was never formed as the McCaffreys parents never moved there for work. Chloe and Maeve now lead happy normal lives with their parents in their bakery while Maggie Kwan now pilots IFOs for the Allied Forces.

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