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Guardian's Hammer (Next Phase)
Guardian's Hammer


Japanese Airdate

16 August, 2012

English Airdate

15 October, 2013

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War Head (Humanoid Secret)

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La Vie En Rose (Johansson's Book)

Guardian's Hammer (ガーディアンズ・ハンマー Gādianzu Hanmā) (Next Phase) is the sixteenth episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO

Episode SummaryEdit

Several countries join Generation Bleu's special operation to lure all the Secrets that have appeared arround the world to a deserted area in the Arctic and destroy them. The plan goes well until Truth interferes by launching and detonating rockets to knock the Quartz off course. Ao takes the initiative to ensure that the operation ends with no civilian casualties. After disposing of the Secrets with his newfound weapon, the Quartz Gun, Ao learns that his actions changed history, and he is the only one who realizes that.

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