Ivica Tanovic
Ivica Tanović
First Appearance

Episode 1: Born Slippy (Deep Blue)

Last Appearance

Episode 24: The Door into Summer

Voiced by:

Tetsuo Gotō


John Swasey

Biological Information


Physical description


Personal Information

Pied Piper
Generation Bleu


Secrets (former)
Truth (former)

Ivica Tanović (イビチャ・タノヴィッチ Ibicha Tanovicchi) is a character in Eureka Seven: AO. He is the chief of Team Pied Piper of Generation Bleu.


He is commonly called "Chief" within Pied Piper. Being the chief, he commandeers the Pied Piper Intelligent Flying Object mothership Triton. He is a man of high authority and respect even among the chiefs of Generation Bleu, and he frequently speaks with the President of Generation Bleu, Christophe Blanc in equal terms. Despite being middle-aged, Ivica is extremely tall, towering over every character in the series so far, though he frequently slouches, which he says is due to his "bad back."

Life Before Generation BleuEdit

After Team Pied Piper combats and destroys the Secret in Arizona, Ao asks Ivica why he named his IFO team "Pied Piper." He reveals that the "Pied Piper" was a historical figure who lead children to their death by playing tunes on his musical instrument. Ivica tells Ao how he has been leading children to their deaths ever since his country was annihilated by forces for political reasons, starting with his wife and child being killed in the war, and continuing to do so with IFO pilots after joining Generation Bleu. This was later revealed to be engineered by a huge United States PR company, Big Blue World.

Ivica, along with Colonel Endo and Eureka, were part of the force that protected Okinawa from a Scub Burst 10 years prior to the start of AO. Eureka saved them by being taking the Quartz away, using her powers of a Coralian, which made the Secret (Who is later revealed to be Truth) unable to determine what it's purpose was and stopped attacking, later being absorbed by the Scub and turning into a child. After Eureka disappears, and the Nirvash Neo is left at the scene of her disapperance, Ivica is invited to be part of an organization that Christophe Blanc planned to form now that they finally knew how to defend theirselves from the Scub Bursts by destroying the cause of them, the Secrets. Ivica declines, mentioning that he needs to go protect the mothers who were being taken away from their families due to the war in his country, which is a response to him saying that they did a great misdeed taking Eureka away from her child, Ao. It is unknown how long afterwards it was until Ivica finally decided to take Christophe up on his offer and join his organization, which later became known as Generation Bleu.


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