Kanon AO
Driver Truth
Seating Capacity 1
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Kanon is an unknown Light Finding Operation.


Kanon (also called Codename: Kanon and IFO-0) is an LFO that was hidden in the basement of Generation Bleu headquarters. It was originally found after a Scub Burst in the Soviet Union. Nobody was capable of subduing it, so it caused destruction from Siberia to Northern China. The destruction was instead blamed by on multiple Scub Bursts and it was learned that the machine required trapar to operate. It was taken control of in secret by Generation Bleu, and stored beneath their base. Following the destruction of the base, it emerges from the rubble as Truth appears from an aperture, when asked what it is, the machine replies with a series of beeps, which Truth understands to mean "Archetype". It is later destroyed by Ao and Truth after Truth fires the Quartz Gun upon himself.


Kanon AO2

Kanon appears to possess several armaments, including a claw on the left side, a large cannon-like extension on the right side, and an array of lasers housed inside of it, which unfolds like a fan during use. It appears to be able collect and manipulate large amounts of trapar, creating storms capable of throwing IFOs off-course and sending the missiles from Ao's Nirvash flying wildly. The high concentration of trapar appears to have an adverse effect on "Coral Carriers", causing scub-like growths from the bodies of these people. It has been suggested that these levels could also be harmful to Naru, for having a similar condition, and to Ao, for being part Coralian.

Kanon AO3

Truth merged with Kanon.

It posesses at least two engines that enable it to manuver quickly and easily, and can change direction eratically. Truth appears to be able to combine it with some of his powers, enabling it to phase into a carrier and pass through in a ball of light. He has also been seen generating cables similar to the ones generated by the Scub Control Cluster, capable of crushing Secrets easily. Lastly, it seems to be quite durable, as Truth was seen smashing it into a Scub Coral site repeatedly trying to find Ao.


  • Kanon's name is a nod to the original series name for Earth when the humans returned. They called it "Land of Kanon" although they weren't aware they returned to Earth.

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