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Kute-Class Coralians are beings created by the Scub Coral. Not much is known about what they are, why they appear and when they appear. Prior to the Oratorio Number 8 attacks that Dewey Novak used to make them appear, along with the Antibody Coralians, Kute-Classes were said to appear very rarely and without the Antibody Coralians. It seems they have some destructive abilities as it damaged a nearby town, without the aid of the Antibody Coralians in episode 13: The Beginning. They appear for exactly 1246 seconds which is the same length as the Seven Swell Phenomenon.

Eureka, Renton Thurston and Anemone are the only known people who have entered the zone of the Kute-Class. After entering it, they went into a dream-like state which ended once Eureka's brain wave pattern caught up to, and mimicked Rentons.

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