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La Vie En Rose (Johansson's Book)
La Vie En Rose


Japanese Airdate

23 August, 2012

English Airdate

15 October, 2013

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Guardian's Hammer (Next Phase)

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Don't Look Down (Third Engine)

La Vie En Rose (ラ・ヴィ・アン・ローズ Ra Vi An Rōzu) (Johansson's Book) is the seventeenth episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO.

Episode SummaryEdit

Ao confirms that the members of Team Goldilocks are living ordinary lives as if they were never assembled at all. However,the public opinion starts turning against Generation Bleu and during an operation in the middle of the ocean, the Quartz Gun starts moving by itself and locks on to the Allied Force's IFOs. In the occasion, Ao confronts Truth and has a brief encounter with Eureka who reveals to him the reason for her disappearance.

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