Lord Don't Slow Me Down (One More Time)


Japanese Airdate

17 January, 2017 (A-part)
24 January, 2017 (B-part)
31 January, 2017 (C-part)
7 February, 2017 (D-part)
2 March, 2017

Episode Guide

Lord Don;t Slow Me Down (ロード・ドント・スロー・ミー・ダウン Rōdo donto surō mī daun) (One More Time) is the new episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO. The episode was released in 4 short parts by Pachinko game maker, Sammy, as a promotional time-in for its pachislot game based on the anime.

The episode title is a reference to the song “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” by Oasis

Episode SummaryEdit

A partEdit

B partEdit

C partEdit

D partEdit

E partEdit


  • This episodes serves as an in-between continuation after the final episode of the series.



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