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メーテル (Mēteru)
First Appearance

Anime Episode 3

Last Appearance

Anime Episode 50

Voiced by:

Eriko Kigawa


Peggy O'Neal

Biological Information

4 (debut)



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Eureka (adoptive mother)
Renton (adoptive father)
Ao (adoptive younger brother)
Amber (adoptive younger sister, deceased)
Maurice (adoptive older brother)
Linck (adoptive younger brother)
Adroc (adoptive grandfather)
Axel (adoptive great-grandfather)
Diane (adoptive aunt)




Dewey Novak

Maeter is one of Eureka's three adopted "children", and the only female. About 4 years old, she is the middle child of the three, as well as the only girl.


She is the most outspoken of the brood and is known for her teasing and temper-tantrums. She often cares for her "brothers", Maurice and Linck. Like her brothers, she loves Eureka very much, thinking of her as her mother, and is very protective of her to the point that they keep everyone on the Gekkostate, especially Renton, away from her. This overprotection stems from their constant fear that Eureka will one day leave them behind. Also like her brothers, she did not like Renton very much due to his feelings towards Eureka, and subjected him to many pranks in order to prevent him from "taking Eureka away from them". However, as early as the second season, she seems to be the first out of the three children to like and accept Renton, as she is seen by him more often and acknowledging his achievements. By the end of the series, she and her brothers accept him as part of their family and he becomes their adoptive father.

It is assumed that she was too young to remember her real mother, like Maurice does, but when she hugs Eureka toward the end of the series, she suddenly pulls away saying she remembers someone else who was warm and smelled good like Eureka, implying that she does remember her mother somewhat.

She, along with her brothers, do not appear in Eureka Seven: AO and there is no mention of them from Renton and Eureka.



Like her brothers, Maeter loves Eureka very much and considers her to be her mother. She was protective of Eureka, due to her fear that Eureka will one day leave her behind. However, she seems to be more opened with Eureka's relationship with Renton in seasons 3 and 4, as she has stopped objecting to it and keeping them apart. Despite her lack of knowledge on raising children, Eureka is a loving mother figure to Maeter and the boys.

Renton ThurstonEdit

Maeter thought that Renton wanted to take Eureka away from her and her brothers due to his feelings towards her and often enjoyed pulling pranks on him. However, by season 2, she takes a bigger liking and accepting towards him, as she is often seen near him. Renton treated her like his own daughter and spent time with her and the boys. However, she didn't fully accept him as her father until the end of the series.


Maeter loves her "brothers", Maurice and Linck, and is protective of them. As for her "parents'" biological children, she never meets Ao due to him being born and raised in an alternate universe but she may have met Amber until the child's death. In total, she has three "brothers" and one "sister".


  • Maeter's hairstyle is very similar to Diane Thurston's.
  • She and her brothers' names are based on the famous playwright, Maurice Maeterlinck.
  • Like any young girl, she is fond of flowers, clothes, and toys, often ones that Renton makes for her and the boys.
  • Despite being the closest to Renton, she continued to call him names and tease him until the near end of the series.
  • Despite being four-years-old, she cannot read and is often given homework far more advanced for her age by Eureka.
  • In the novel series, she is the only child to appear, as her brothers do not exist in the novels. Rather than being a young child, she is a baby who was orphaned after Eureka killed her parents in the Ciudades del Cielo massacre. She was then adopted by Eureka, but at the end of the final novel, after Eureka disappears in order to save the humans and planet, Renton adopts her as his and Eureka's "daughter".

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