The wife of William B. Baxter. She suffers from what Renton first identifies as "Desperation Disease." The last time we see Martha Baxter and William B. Baxter is just before their death in episode 49: "Shout to the top!" (Song by The Style Council). William Baxter disagrees with Renton's observation and states that "Dispair" got its name from the way the friends and family members reacted to the person with the "Sickness." Her presence in this episode helps change Renton's mind about running away and instead decides that he wants to be with Eureka no matter what, "...even if the world were ending...."

Last Appearance: Martha's consciousness was in the command center of the Scub corals, because she wanted to know more about the Scub Corals and the world altogether. When the control cluster was destroyed by Oratorio Number 8, her consciousness was brought back to her body which allowed her to regain control of her body. Forced out of her comma like state she walks over to the door of their house and looks at William and they both smile right before they are killed when the farm is crushed from debris from the recently destroyed Oratorio Number 8 .

Eureka being absorbed Someone... Please... Help me.

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