Oratorio Number 8 as it appears in episode 46.

Oratorio Number 8 is part of an orbital weapons system owned by the United Federation that uses light gathered from the sun as a devasting attack.



Oratorio Number 8 being fired.

Oratorio Number 8, first shown in episode 46, is granted to Dewey Novak to use on the Command Center of the Scub Coral by the sole remaining Sage, Coda. It was originally stationed high up in Earth's orbit and took awhile to lower into it's correct position.

It uses 4 light-gathering satellites, which are of the Gustav class, in space to gather energy which is then transmitted to Oratorio Number 8 to be fired upon its target. It is a very devasting weapon, able to penetrate very deeply into the land to destroy the Coralian Control Cluster beneath it. Once it is fired, the light seemingly has a wide spectrum of colors.


One of four light-gatherers.

This weapon is fired two times in episode 48. Once to allow Anemone entrance to the genuine promised land, and again, at full output this time, once Anemone shoots the transmitter into the Coralian Control Cluster from the Nirvash typeTheEND. After the second firing at full output, Oratorio Number 8 is destroyed. Because the Control Cluster was destroyed, the Coralians began altering the laws of physics to make the debris hit the numerous towers, where numerous people were gathered to take flight elsewhere, throughout the land.

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