The Scud bike bear a resemblance to the 606.

Scud Bike's (スカッドバイク Sukaddo Baiku?), are a small, agile LFO that was developed for use by the State Military, but was eventually made available to civilians. It can transform into a fast, two-wheeled vehicle, as its name suggests, and its speed was highly praised by riders before Lifting became popular.


It is shaped rather oddly, with an elongated body that is attached directly to the head and no neck in between. Its face sports a single eye, similar to that of the Mon-Soono. Military models are painted navy blue, and are armed with an autocannon and homing missiles, while custom models can vary wildly. One variation is red, with a large, high-powered laser cannon replacing the autocannon, while the ones seen in episode 5 are green and have huge speakers on their back instead of weapons.


Since the ones sporting weapons are flown by pirates, it stands to reason that such weapons couldn't be legally obtained by civilians. Used by pirates, or gangs, like in the animated series, when they attacked Talho Yūki.


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