The Second Summer of Love is the second time

The Scub Coral on Earth awaken and "The Second Summer of Love" begins.

a major event occurred that caused the Scub Coral to nearly wake up from hibernation and activate the Limit of Questions. The First Summer of Love occured more than ten years prior during an experiment that was conducted by Eureka and Adroc Thurston to release Nirvash's ultimate power: the Seven Swell. But because Adroc Thurston was not her true partner the Nirvash rejected him and started unleashing massive amounts of power, and Adroc knew he has to take the Amita Drive off the Compact Drive in order to stop the destruction. While he was taking the Amita drive off the compact drive, he disappeared and consciously merged with the scub Coral due to the shear amount of power being released from the Nirvash.

The Second Summer of Love began in episode 48, when Dewey Novak destroyed the Scub Command Center and the laws of physics were bended by the Scub Coral waking up, causing fragments of the planet to launch into the sky and destroy several towers and other locations. Dewey's suicide activated the collar Eureka always wore because he predicted that either she or Anemone would become the next Command Center and the collars were designed to prevent this. Still, Eureka went into a full Scub transformation and was slowly becoming the next Command Center, but tried resisting it due to her desire to stay with Renton and the children. By this time, the Limit of Questions was close to being reached until Renton saved Eureka, and the strength of their true love allowed Nirvash to eject them from the Scub Command Center and created a new form of waves that were of rainbow colors and imprinted a heart shape with their names into the moon. Nirvash then told them that she has found enlightenment and will be traveling to an alternate universe with half of the Scub Coral to ensure the Limit of Questions never happen again. When the Gekko crew was wondering what was happening as they watched fragments of the Scub Coral disappear, Gonzy said they were witnessing the Second Summer of Love, which is deemed a successful transformation of the Earth due to Renton being Eureka's rightful partner and a human the Scub Coral trusts.


When all the Scub Corals awaken in the "Second Summer of Love" Eureka fully turns into a full Coralian.

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