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Talho Yuuki
Talho Yūki
タルホ・ユーキ (Taruho Yūki)
First Appearance
  • Manga Chapter Unknown
  • Anime Episode 1
Last Appearance
  • Manga Chapter 23
  • Anime Episode 50
Voiced by:

Michiko Neya


Kate Higgins

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Dewey Novak

Talho Yūki (タルホ・ユーキ Taruho Yūki) is a character in Eureka Seven.


Talho Yūki was the head pilot of Gekkostate's ship, the Gekko, but gives up her position to Moondoggie in episode 34. She met Holland and Dewey when the three of them served together in the military, but in the beginning she was very jealous toward the way he treated Eureka. She initially worked in the Information Bureau, but was demoted as an officer for unknown reasons and became a spy later on. Ray suggested it was because of her relationship with a superior officer, most likely Dewey Novak, implied by his statement to Holland, "[Holland,] you even seemed to have picked up the woman I tossed aside," which, since it appears as though Holland and Talho are in some form of relationship, would imply that Talho was previously in a relationship with Dewey. She is also best friends with Hilda.  

Initially, Talho makes fun of Renton, but she gets more serious later on in the series and stops doing this, except for a few more playful instances. She constantly looks after Holland's mental state as he vents his frustration at Renton, who he blames for Eureka's mental state. She constantly reminds him of where his mind should focus and not be obsessed with. According to the episode "Inner Flight", she considers Renton, Eureka, Maurice, Maeter, and Linck to be her children.


A younger Talho and Holland


Talho's new appearance

She and Holland are romantically involved throughout the series, with context suggesting that the relationship goes all the far back, at least to Holland's military service. During the early episodes she feels insecure in Holland's commitment to her, constantly reacting jealously to Eureka, as well as to the memory of Renton's sister whom Holland had dated. Towards the middle of the series, Talho cuts her hair, wears a different, less revealing outfit, and demonstrates a newfound maturity in acceptance that Holland is actually committed to a relationship with her and she doesn't have to compete with Eureka. Shortly thereafter, she tells Holland that she is pregnant with his child. Talho's change in appearance comes after a suggestion by Mischa that she should start dressing more appropriately. The scene ends with Mischa closing the privacy drapes in an implication that this is when Talho discovers that she is pregnant. Later, Holland fixes a ring he had bought her earlier in the series (it was crushed by an LFO shortly after he bought it), and splits it in half. Holland wears one half of the ring on his left ring-finger, and Talho wears the other half - indicating that they are engaged. During much of the final segment of the series, Talho effectively serves as the captain of the Gekko while Holland pilots an LFO in combat and recovers from the damage afterward.


Holland NovakEdit

Talho and Holland have been in a romantic relationship since their days in the military, although when and how they first met is unknown. She helped him recruit the Gekkostate after they quit the military together. In seasons 1 and 2, their relationship is rocky, due to Talho's insecurity of Holland's dedication to protect Eureka and his past relationship with Diane. Their relationship also suffers due to Holland's anger issues and instinct to run away from his problems. Due to his anger and immaturity, she tended to lash out in anger towards him and questioned the length of his true feelings towards her. Despite all this, Talho never tolerates any insult towards Holland, no matter how bad he behaves. In season 3, they finally make up and are able to rekindle their relationship. Soon afterwards, it is implied that they are engaged, due to them wearing rings on their left ring fingers, and learned they are expecting a child. What happens to them in Eureka Seven: AO is not known. It is presumed that they did get married and had their child.

Renton ThurstonEdit

When Renton joined the Gekkostate, Talho enjoyed teasing him, often using his love for Eureka against him to amuse herself. After he saves her from some thugs, her attitude towards him changed drastically, although she continued to tease him. However, when Holland begins to abuse Renton, Talho defends him from Holland, who tended to blame the boy over every mistake that occurred. In seasons 3 and 4, she becomes a mother or big sister figure to Renton, offering him advice on how to communicate with Eureka and express his feelings towards her.


In seasons 1 and 2, Talho was jealous towards Eureka due to the attention she received from Holland. This alone caused her to suspect that Holland favored Eureka over her, which was often the height of her insecurity over their relationship. She distanced herself from Eureka out of jealousy and a little bit of resentment until Holland is able to accept Eureka and Renton's relationship. Afterwards, Talho initiates the role of a somewhat older sister or mother to Eureka, offering her advice on her relationship with Renton and facts about human nature.


Due to being Holland's girlfriend, the Gekkostate crew respects Talho. Some of the crew, particularly the men, tend to be afraid of her temper or when she's upset. However, by seasons 3 and 4, she adopts a mother or older sister figure to the entire crew.

Dewey NovakEdit

Prior to meeting Holland, Talho was in a, albeit, secret relationship with his older brother, Dewey. The nature and extent of their relationship is unknown, except that it was Dewey who rejected her and Holland ended up comforting her, which likely led to the development of their own relationship. Talho harbors deep hatred towards Dewey to the point that she refuses to see his face when the Gekkostate confronts him, even though she cried with Holland after finding that Dewey had committed suicide.

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