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Talho Yuuki
Talho Yūki
タルホ・ユーキ (Taruho Yūki)
First Appearance
  • Manga Chapter Unknown
  • Anime Episode 1
Last Appearance
  • Manga Chapter 23
  • Anime Episode 50
Voiced by:

Michiko Neya


Kate Higgins

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Holland Novak (husband)
Unnamed child (son/daughter)




Dewey Novak

Talho Yūki (タルホ・ユーキ Taruho Yūki) is a character in Eureka Seven.


Talho Yūki was the head pilot of Gekkostate's ship, the Gekko, but gave up her position to Moondoggie in episode 34. She met Holland and Dewey when the three of them served together in the military, but in the beginning she was very jealous toward the way he treated Eureka. She initially worked in the Information Bureau, but was demoted as an officer for unknown reasons and became a spy later on. Ray suggested it was because of her relationship with a superior officer, most likely Dewey Novak, implied by his statement to Holland, "[Holland,] you even seemed to have picked up the woman I tossed aside," which, since it is shown that Holland and Talho are in a romantic relationship, would imply that Talho was previously in a relationship with Dewey. She is also best friends with Hilda.  

Initially, Talho makes fun of Renton, but she gets more serious later on in the series and stops doing this, except for a few more playful instances. She constantly looks after Holland's mental state as he vents his frustration at Renton, whom he blames for Eureka's problems. She constantly reminds him of where his mind should focus and not be obsessed with. According to the episode "Inner Flight", she considers Renton, Eureka, Maurice, Maeter, and Linck to be her children.


Talho is known as the beautiful and somewhat temperamental head pilot of the Gekkostate. Prior to joining the Gekkostate, she was well-liked for her maturity and kindness towards others. However, upon joining the Gekkostate, she made major changes in her personality and appearance, which, later revealed in episode 30, are due to her desires to capture and maintain Holland's attention and love. Talho loves Holland more than anything and is determined to be the most important person to him. Due to Holland's dedication to protect Eureka and put her safety above everything in hope of becoming her partner, Talho exhibited great jealousy and resentment towards Eureka, and lashed out in anger towards Holland for not only not taking her own feelings for him into consideration but using Eureka as an excuse to run away from his problems. She also tended to get angry at him when he showed his obsession and affection for his first love, Diane. Many of the crew, mainly the males, tend to be afraid of her temper, although they do respect her authority as the head pilot and Holland's girlfriend. Initially, she enjoyed teasing Renton, but after he saves her in episode 5 and becomes the victim of Holland's wrath, her attitude towards mellows considerably. In season 3, she decides to become the person she used to be before the Gekkostate and becomes more mature, kind, and caring towards the crew.


Her background prior to joining the Gekkostate is unknown, except that she was a member of the Federation military for several years before the series began. She had worked in the Information Bureau but was demoted as a spy for unknown reasons. But it is speculated that she was demoted because of her relationship with her superior officer, likely to be Dewey. How much later did she and Holland begin to date is unclear. Soon after, when Holland decided to quit the military, he invited Talho to come with him, and she agreed, crying for him to take her away from the military. They stole Eureka, the Nirvash, and the Gekko ship to begin their journey to stop the military.


A younger Talho and Holland.

Three years later, after Renton is brought aboard the Gekko, she takes the time to amuse herself by teasing the boy, often using his feelings for Eureka against him to go shopping with her or do maid-like chores. While she tended to lash out at Renton when he made a mistake, she sometimes made a point to him to make sure he never escapes from the consequences. Her relationship with Holland has been suffering a major setback since they left the military. She believes that he no longer cares for her as much as he did before and isn't committed into their relationship, due to his promise to protect Eureka and his inability to let go of his feelings for Diane after she broke up with him and disappeared years earlier. As a result, she frequently exhibited her frustration and anger towards him. When Holland begins to physically and emotionally abuse Renton, Talho takes the firm step to defend Renton from Holland, and says that Holland has found another excuse in Renton to escape from his problems. While she understands that Renton needs to be punished for making a mistake, she disagrees with Holland's methods of punishment, such as throwing him in the brig for a week for flying the Nirvash without permission or punching him for saying something that Holland wants to ignore. In season two, when the crew landed at the trapar mines for repairs, she came close to begging for Holland to not run away from his problems if he wants everything to be alright with the crew. However, he still refuses to listen and thinks he did nothing wrong when he assaulted Renton, who had been forced to fly the Nirvash at gunpoint. After Eureka is hospitalized from nearly getting absorbed and Holland takes a mission to rescue a Vodarac priest to heal her, Renton doesn't know this and thinks Holland deserves to be ambushed by the military for his actions. Enraged, Talho slaps him and says that Holland cares about Eureka more than anything, even her, revealing her jealousy towards Eureka, whom she thinks is the most important person to Holland. Talho was the only one who was concerned for Renton after he deflected from the Gekko and repeatedly demanded that Holland tell Eureka because it was his fault for forcing Renton to leave and he had been using the two of them as excuses to avoid his responsibilities. Seeing Eureka depressed as she missed Renton and the crew fall apart, Talho told Holland that he might as well disband the Gekkostate if he was unwilling to face the fact that he is the cause of all the problems and the fact that Eureka had chosen Renton over him. Like everyone, minus Holland, she was happy that Renton had returned to the ship, not to rejoin, but to warn them that they were walking into a trap set up by Charles and Ray to capture Eureka and the Nirvash.

During the ambush, Renton, Eureka, and the children were locked in the brig, and when Talho came to get them, they were held at gunpoint by Ray, but was easily taken down as Holland killed Charles. After Ray's death and Holland was left bleeding profusely that required a blood transfusion from Renton, Talho refused to let it happen because Renton shares the same blood as his sister, Diane, and Talho didn't want the blood of Holland's first love in his veins, but knowing he will die, she still begs for Renton to save Holland, no matter how much he hates him. For the next few days, she stayed by his side while he recuperated and harshly told Renton about the true mission of Gekkostate and what may lay in store for him if he decided to stay, but was satisfied with his decision to stay nonetheless. During their stay at Tresor for repairs on the Nirvash, Talho was asked by Mischa if she is willing to accept the changes now that Holland has finally accepted Renton, and she says that all that matters to her is that Holland faces his responsibilities. In the end, deciding that she no longer has to compete with Eureka for Holland's attention and needs to make a change as well, she cuts her hair shorter and wears a less revealing outfit, and becomes more mature and kind. With her newfound maturity, she initiates an older sister or surrogate mother figure to the crew, namely Renton and Eureka, and becomes protective of them.


Talho's new appearance.

Shortly thereafter, she and Holland begin to repair their relationship as she tries to help him out his depression steamed from his worry about not being able to stop Dewey and save the world. During a brief stop at a lifting area, she tries to encourage him to lift, despite his leg injury, and when he fails and cries about how much he wants to protect the planet because its where he met her, she realizes that Holland is truly committed into their relationship and they truly reconcile. Right after, they are seen wearing matching rings on their ring left hand fingers, implying that they are engaged, and engage on a suicide mission to the Capital to retrieve Norb. In the following episode, she tells Holland that she is pregnant with his child and vows to continue to fight for the sake of their child and the others. After saving Norb from Dewey and learning they need to get Renton and Eureka past the Great Wall in order to save the planet, they head to the Vodarac Shrine. At the same time, Talho steps down as the head pilot in favor of Moondoggie due to her pregnancy. As Renton, Eureka, and the children discovered the Earth, Talho and the rest of the Gekkostate fought the military's attempts to stop them, and were able to convince only the Izumi crew of Dewey's true intentions of destroying the world. They shortly after led a final battle against Dewey. Although worried about Renton and Eureka's decision to merge with the Scub Coral, she orders the Gekko to do a final ambush on Dewey's ship as Holland fought against him, which ended with Dewey committing suicide. However, it was revealed that Dewey had implanted a Compac Drive into his chest to become one with the planet and planned to kill himself in order to destroy the planet. Talho rushed to warn Holland only to discover it was too late, and both cried that they were too late to stop it. As Eureka was about to become the next Scub Command Cluster, the entire crew went on their final mission to rescue her and encouraged Renton to save her on his own, and showed how proud they are of him of how much he's grown up.

Talho is never seen or mentioned in Eureka Seven: AO, but it is speculated that she is married to Holland, they had their child, and operate their own ref board repair shop.


Holland NovakEdit

Talho and Holland have been in a romantic relationship since their days in the military, although when and how they first met is unknown. She helped him recruit the Gekkostate after they quit the military together. After Renton joins the Gekkostate, their relationship is rocky, due to Talho's insecurity of Holland's dedication to protect Eureka and his past relationship with Diane. Their relationship also suffers due to Holland's anger issues and instinct to run away from his problems. Due to his anger and immaturity, she tended to lash out in anger towards him and questioned the length of his true feelings towards her. Despite all this, Talho never tolerates any insult towards Holland, no matter how bad he behaves. In season 3, they finally make up and are able to rekindle their relationship. Soon afterwards, it is implied that they are engaged, due to them wearing rings on their left ring fingers, and learned they are expecting a child. What happens to them in Eureka Seven: AO is not known. It is presumed that they did get married and had their child.

Renton ThurstonEdit

When Renton joined the Gekkostate, Talho enjoyed teasing him, often using his love for Eureka against him to amuse herself. After he saves her from some thugs, her attitude towards him changed drastically, although she continued to tease him. However, when Holland begins to abuse Renton, Talho defends him from Holland, who tended to blame the boy over every mistake that occurred. Despite this, Talho knew that Renton also needed to face discipline in order to grow up and face the hardships around him. In seasons 3 and 4, after telling him the truth about the Gekkostate and Eureka, she becomes a mother or big sister figure to Renton, offering him advice on how to communicate with Eureka and express his feelings towards her. She also becomes protective of him and considers him as a surrogate son.


In seasons 1 and 2, Talho was jealous towards Eureka due to the attention she received from Holland. This alone caused her to suspect that Holland favored Eureka over her, which was often the height of her insecurity over their relationship. She even lashed out at Renton, as she believed at that time, that Eureka was the most important person to Holland. She distanced herself from Eureka out of jealousy and a little bit of resentment until Holland is able to accept Eureka and Renton's relationship. Afterwards, Talho drops her bitter rivalry and hard feelings towards Eureka, and initiates the role of a somewhat older sister or mother to Eureka, offering her advice on her relationship with Renton and facts about human nature. She also becomes protective of her and considers her as a surrogate daughter.


Due to being Holland's girlfriend, the Gekkostate crew respects Talho. Some of the crew, particularly the men, tend to be afraid of her temper or when she's upset. However, by seasons 3 and 4, she adopts a mother or older sister figure to the entire crew.

Dewey NovakEdit

Prior to meeting Holland, Talho was in a, albeit, secret relationship with his older brother, Dewey. The nature and extent of their relationship is unknown, except that it was Dewey who rejected her and Holland ended up comforting her, which likely led to the development of their own relationship. Talho harbors deep hatred towards Dewey to the point that she refuses to see his face when the Gekkostate confronts him, even though she cried with Holland after finding that Dewey had committed suicide.


  • She is apparently a bad cook, as the only thing she can make is instant ramen noodles in the manga.
  • Talho has two tattoos, a flower on her right upper cheek and another on her left arm.
  • In the manga, she has no animosity towards Eureka and is less teasing towards Renton. She is also the first person to help Eureka realize that she is in love with Renton.
  • Also in the manga, Talho did not have a previous relationship with Dewey.
  • She was a heavy drinker in the first half of the series.

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