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Seven swell

The 7th Swell Effect created by the legendary LFO "Nirvash" during The First Summer of Love.

The First Summer of Love was a catastrophe inadvertently caused by Adroc Thurston and Eureka ten years before the events of the Eureka Seven storyline. Adroc attempted to unleash Nirvash's powers with himself and Eureka, but failed due to him not being Eureka's true partner. The attachment of the Amita Drive caused some of the Scub Coral to awaken from its dormant state. This caused a sharp non-stop increase of trapar waves causing Compac Drives and machines to malfunction, and causing massive loss of energy. The event would also put the Scub Coral at risk of exceeding the Limit of Questions. Adroc was able to stop this event and save all life by going into the "Great Wall" and merging with the Coralian Command Cluster. However, the phenomenon caused global confusion and chaos which resulted in conflicts and civil wars that would leave states in complete ruin. Adroc was still recognized for his actions and was given the title of "Hero".

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