The Sage Council was the supreme ruling body of the United Federation. Consisting of three Sages, the Council operated out of the great ark-ship in high orbit over Capital City, connected to the surface via a massive space elevator. The Sage Council members appeared to be appointed for life, functioning more like a triumviate of kings than a legislative body, and were venerated by most citizens on the surface.  The Sages had access to long lost technology as well as information that they kept hidden from the masses regarding Humanity's origins, the Corolians, and the nature of the very ground beneath their feet. The Sage Council was disbanded at the conclusion of Dewey Novak's rebellion, all were killed but for Sage Coda who was strangly spared by Dewey.

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The members of the group include CodaBrayaKuzemi, and later on in the series Dewey Novak.

  • One of the members of The Sage Council "Coda".
  • One of the members of The Sage Council "Braya".
  • One of the members of The Sage Council "Kuzemi".

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