• Shoutakanashi

    This Is the Head Admin of the Site. The Creator the big boss and the person you have to follow. Eureka

    This is the Graphics Admin. If you need help with graphics ask her and she will help. Shade

    This is The Global Admin. He is the man who i go to for everything else when there is some grammer error somewhere or if i am out he will take over. Renegade.

    • make sure you have a current e-mail address on account.
    • no intolerance to other's interests and the like.
    • do not antagonize or speak rudely of the undeserving.
    • write properly; no text-ideal wording. (c-box is minor exception) first password= Attack of. make sure to click the 'spell-check' as well.
    • any excessive cursing is unnecessary and unintelligent- don't do it.
    • no links to any extremely 'inapprop…

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