One of the six produced.


The VC10 is a special anti-Coralian KLF unit deployed by Dewey Novak's Ageha Squad during his campaign against the Coralians. The use of the VC10 is specialized for Coralian combat, it is not featured prominently within the series. They are only six VC10 models, and they all fight alongside the Nirvash typeTheEND.


They do not use ref boards, instead relying on their oversized feet, which perform the same function. The VC10 units operate in a squad and can also link up and transmit their units' energy to power up the Nirvash type the END, which uses the energy to emit a field, the Vahalla Swell, which is the Nirvash type the END's equivalent to the Nirvash type Zero's Seven Swell. It instantly petrifies Coralians.

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