Master NORB

The Powerful Vodarac priest.

The Vodarac is an religious group of peaceful monks who believed that true peace only came with connection to the land, and that the land was a sentient force. They were frequently discriminated against, and were almost eradicated in an attack by the military, prompting several terrorist attacks in retaliation. Later, they were ruthlessly annihilated by Antibody Coralians prompted into aggression by Dewey Novak, and their current fate is unknown.

It is revealed that the Vodarac are split into two groups of followers after Norb and Sakuya's attempt to go through the zone failed. One group follows the teachings of Norb, which includes people like Tiptory. The other group goes by the name of the Miyoto sect, this group is much larger in numbers, and seems to have control over the Vodara Shrine. They also seem to be more violent in nature due to this group's uses of weapons. The Miyoto sect believes a saint will be born who will awaken Sakuya once again. Norb claims they are just a bunch of fools as Sakuya closed her heart to protect the shrine. These saints lose their lives, becoming stone statues, due to trying to meld with Compac Drives, and they line the hallways leading to Sakuya's bedroom.

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