Yucatan iglasias 11900
Yucatan Iglasias
First Appearance

Episode 15

Last Appearance

Episode 15

Voiced by:

Yutaka Nakano


John Snyder

Biological Information


Physical description


Personal Information

United Federation

Yucatan Iglasias is Renton Thurston's uncle and a punchanut farmer. Renton and Diane spent a lot of their childhood on their farm. Yucatan Iglesias is shown to be a great friend and admirer of Adroc Thurston and the military in general.

Renton, Matthieu and Eureka come to his farm to steal a punchanut. He catches them and concocts an elaborate scheme with other military admirers to hand Matthieu and Eureka to the Military. Renton helps them escape however.

Later, Yucatan's house is searched by the military and his last appearance is him looking at the sunset as officers lead him out of his house in handcuffs.

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